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Caylin-102-Edit RetouchCaylin-102-Edit Retouch

Enjoy a simple portrait head shot for your business card, web site or just for yourself in the comfort of our  studio. Have a group, no problem. We have what you are looking for, a relax atmosphere, friendly and understanding personnel to make you feel good.


HHSO 1701-110HHSO 1701-110Tchaikovsky - Fourth Symphony Dec 29-30, 2017


Whatever the  type of events, you need high quality and creative photos for your web site, publicity and marketing, we have the resources and the required skills to deliver. 





Do you have a stack of photo albums, old slides, movies, VHS and more that are stacked in a closet? Don't know what to do?

Do you want to leave something usable by the future generations? They prefer to flip through a series of images on a computer or any digital devices than from an album. 

We will create a structured organization of your images and put them on digital storage media making it easy to protect. 


D_Pakler with husband - before-after (small)D_Pakler with husband - before-after (small)Print was bounded with the broken glass therefore impossible to separate them.

Old photos can be digitally restored. With time and exposure to light and air without proper protection, these souvenirs loose their integrity. Thanks for digital restoration, even badly damaged, photos can be saved.

The photo above was fused with the broken glass and could not be removed. The image was digitized with the glass and then digitally removed to restore the photo to its original look.


If you are in the rental business, real estate, a builder, a designer or an architect, you need top of the line imagery of your work and what your are representing. Composition, light, view point, color and visual appeal are all critical characteristic of architectural photos. 

Expect the highest standard with us.



Noir - Light on Edge

Creating a video is not as simple as it seems. A video can be made for so many reasons: promotional material, a family reunion, special events, concerts and much more. Video have more impact on people in general and capture their attention 10 times longer than photos. 

We will work with you to define your needs, the desired outcome and create something that you will be proud of.